Welcome to your Teachable QuickStart Guide!

On behalf of the Teachable team, welcome! If we haven't already met, I'm Mike and focus on customer success here at Teachable.

My goal is make it as easy possible for you to set up your course and starting teaching online immediately. In the process, we ate our own dog food and made this Quickstart Guide to help.

In the next set of lessons, I'm going to show you how to get your school and first course up and running. When you've completed the lessons, you'll have all the tools you need to launch your own school using Teachable .

Note: Since we built this training course IN Teachable, you'll be able to experience the same user flow that your students will have in your courses.

Important note: While this course will help you get up to speed, it won't cover every question you're likely to have. That's why we built the Teachable Support Center. Any time you have a question about where to find something, how to do something, or how a feature works, you'll find it there.

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