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The Profitable Teacher

Learn our proven, step-by-step system to create your own profitable online course in the next 5 weeks or less

Online courses are the #1 way to grow your income and help more people

Top bloggers, influencers, creatives, coaches, and online business owners are spending their time and resources creating online courses. Why? Because they work.

Online courses allow you to make recurring income, grow your community and even become a mini-celeb in your space. Not only that, online courses give you your time back. Time you can now invest in other aspects of your business, your community, or even your family.

What makes The Profitable Teacher the best way to learn how to create courses?

Our process actually works. We have an unfair advantage because we see data from over 10,000 people successfully teaching on Teachable. We noticed that our most successful instructors follow the same 7-step process, and we decided to create an entire program around this process.

What will we be covering?

This 7-step online course walks you through creating, marketing and selling a profitable online course.

We are starting completely from scratch - beginning with brainstorming your course idea, building an excited audience, and launching your course.

We've even created a comprehensive workbook that follows each module of this course to keep all your notes and plans in one place.


Here's a quick breakdown of each module...

"If you are thinking of creating your own online course, whether you're just starting out or you're selling a bunch of your courses already, Teachable is the place to be."

"I made $169,000 from the launch of my first two online courses. Teachable made it incredibly easy to create high-quality products from scratch."

"What was obvious to me was the passion that these guys had for helping me, and you, and everyone else offer the absolute best experience for their students."

"I was struggling to get my course off the ground, but I discovered Teachable and it was so easy to set everything up, great support team, and overall an awesome experience."

"One year, 14 courses, over 350 hours of content, 1 rockin' membership and...MORE THAN $30,000 LATER...I'm in love."

Melyssa Griffin, melyssagriffin.com

Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income

Ginette Tessier, Online Training Index

Alan Perlman, UAV Coach

Alanna Kaivalya, Kaivalya Yoga Method

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