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The Profitable Teacher

Learn our proven, step-by-step system to create your own profitable online course in the next 5 weeks or less

Okay, this course looks pretty snazzy! So what exactly will we be covering in the course every week?

This course is a seven module online course that will walk you through every step in creating and selling a profitable online course. We are starting completely from scratch - starting with brainstorming a course idea, building an excited audience, launching your pre-sale, and ultimately profiting from your online course.There is also a live group coaching aspect to the course, meaning that you’ll be getting amazing help along the way.

Here's a breakdown of each module...

Module 1: Come Up with Your Profitable Course Idea!

  • You'll use our "Profitable Course Idea" worksheet and discovery process to find and test your profitable course topic. (Even if you're starting from scratch.)
  • At the end of this first module, you'll have chosen your profitable course topic. Congrats!

Module 2: Develop Your Lead Magnet!

  • You'll learn how online courses actually make money
  • Get exclusive access to our ‘Perfect Lead Magnet’ checklist
  • At the end of this week, you’ll have developed a lead magnet that is going to draw in targeted customers who are excited to purchase your course!

Module 3: Grow Your Course Audience

  • Learn how email lists allow you to make and predict income
  • Discover the different methods of marketing and choose the one that works best for you and your audience
  • At the end of this week, you'll be well on your way to having an initial audience of people who are eager and excited to buy your course!

Module 4: How to Price Your Online Course

  • Set revenue goals for your online course
  • Learn how to increase the value of your course with valuable bonus content
  • At the end of this week, you'll have set realistic revenue goals and have strategy in place to help you reach them

Module 5: Construct Your Sales Page

  • Learn how to use the Teachable interface to set up a sales page that converts
  • Tech tutorials that will not only help you set up your course sales page, but will show you how to make it look it’s best!
  • At the end of this week, you will have made an awesome sales page!

Module 6: Create Content Your Students Will Love!

  • Learn our secrets for recording high quality videos at any budget or skill level
  • Technology tutorials teaching you how to create and edit Screenflows
  • At the end of this week, you will have created your first module full of professional quality videos

Module 7: You’ve Done It! Time To Presell and Launch Your Course!

  • The different kinds of launches and what will work best for you
  • An in-depth case study of a successful launch
  • At the end of this week, you’ll be ready to launch a successful and profitable course!

When you have your own online course…

You're able to reach and help hundreds, or thousands of people...and build a community of people around you in your space.

When you have your own online course…

You're able to make more money, have more fun and have more freedom to do the things that are important to you.

When you have your own online course…

You become the go-to authority in your space - almost like a mini-celeb.

When you have your own online course…

You do the hard work up front one time, and then your course becomes an asset.

And what's exciting is that you can create and launch your own profitable online course that people love in the next 30 days - and grow your income and your impact at the same time.

How do we know?

Because over 5,000+ people are already creating online courses using Teachable. Now we want to help you.

We're assuming that you're starting from scratch.

Don't have an idea for what you want to teach yet?

We'll show you how to find your most profitable course idea.

Not a technical wizard?

With Teachable, you can create a beautiful online course webinar in less than an hour.

Not sure if you can market a course?

I promise you can. In fact, we're going to give you our step-by-step course marketing plan and templates.

Is your course topic something new or different?

We have thousands of different course topics on everything from watercolor painting to meditation classes.

What makes The Profitable Teacher the #1 class to show you how to launch your course?

Our process actually works. We have an unfair advantage because we already have 5,000+ people successfully teaching on Teachable. When creating the course, we had access to data that no one else on the planet has access to.

How The Profitable Teacher works

The entire training program is online and is delivered over a 30-day period. The first two modules will be available to you immediately when you sign up. The next module will be available to you one week later. And so on.

1 - Work at your own pace over the course of 30 days as each module is released. Binge on all 10+ hours like a course creating fiend. Or you can watch 30 minutes at a time.

2 - Mobile and Tablet Ready - The training can be viewed on any device, and you can download it and watch it on the go.

3 - Revisit and review as much as you like. This course is your course. You get access for life.

How This Came About

We have an unfair advantage. And we noticed that of our 5,000+ instructors all of our most successful instructors we're following the same 7-step process. We decided to create an entire program around this 7-step process.

We've spent the last 6 full months and tens of thousands of dollars building this class. In fact, we even had a full beta program for the Profitable Teacher back in September of 2015 to make sure everything worked before launching it publicly.

And we’ve been helping people create online courses for years. Have a look:

What people are saying...

"I've used Teachable to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in online courses. Now that I'm using Teachable, I'm able to get my course up online in hours, because it's so easy. Your course will look beautiful, without having to know a lick of design. If you are thinking of creating your own online course, whether you're just starting out or you're selling a bunch of your courses already, Teachable is the place to be."

- Melyssa Griffin

"I didn't know anything about creating an online course at first. But since launching my first course a year ago today, I have 10X'ed my revenue and have more freedom than ever. My income is 100% generated from online courses. That means more money in my bank account and more time with my family. My biggest win so far is closing in on $60,000 for the first quarter of 2016 - and being able to chaperone every single field trip my 4-year old has been on. The only thing I regret about Teachable is nothe decision to sign up sooner."

- Caitlin Bacher

"95% of my income comes from online courses. They are literally the perfect product. They’re scalable, fun to make, and you help a lot of people. I don’t normally get obsessed with Tech. But I am obsessed with Teachable."

- Mariah Coz

Is The Profitable Teacher right for you?

Over the years, we’ve listened to thousands of creatives and business owners who struggle with creating their own signature online course, and we created this course to handle those struggles.

We’re confident it can help if you’ve ever said anything like:

- "I don't know how to come up with my own profitable course idea"

- "I'm not an expert on anything"

- "I don't have an audience or email list"

- "I need help marketing my course"

- "I know I'm close, I just need someone to show me exactly what to do."

Online courses are the #1 way to grow your income and help more people

You may have noticed that all of the top bloggers, influencers, freelancers, creatives, coaches, trainers and online business owners are starting to spend their time and resources creating online courses.

That's because they work.

You can do really well financially with courses - more so than with any other type of digital product.

They're scalable. You build the course one time up front and then have an asset that you can earn money from over and over again.

They're fun to make and you can help a TON of people.

Class Curriculum

  Before You Go Any Further, Download The Workbook :)
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Something magical happens when you launch your first online course

All of the sudden, you realize that everything you know and all of the unique experiences you've ever had can have real value for other people.

We've seen course creators become mini-rockstars in their space - almost like celebrities. We've seen communities of people grow around them. We've seen our teachers change people's lives. And most of them had never created a course before. Many were starting from scratch.

And after that first successful course, they've gotten more confident. Their name recognition and profits have soared through the roof. And they've helped a ton of people at the same time.

All this to say that when you purchase The Profitable Teacher bundle today, you'll pay $348 or $999 if you'd like the Professional plan. You can see the differences between the two in the chart below.

There are no payment plans. We want you to be as serious about your investment and the work you’ll put into your writing as we are about helping you succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this course start? And do I have to show up live?
The two modules of this course become available as soon as you join. You can go completely at your own pace each week. Every week, a brand new module will be released. And every week, there will be a live group coaching call.
Is there a 100% money back guarantee?
Absolutely - and it's 30 days. Go through the entire course. Use everything. Go out and get results. If for some reason you don't love the program, just shoot an email to support@teachable.com and we'll get you a full refund. No questions asked. We're easy :)
How will I know if this course is right for ME?
Great question. This course will be perfect for you if you're an online business owner (or want to be one!). Most of our successful instructors are just regular people. Many are consultants, feelancers, bloggers, coaches. If you're willing to do the work, this program is perfect for you.

And this is 100% risk-free. We've got your back.

When you join us in The Profitable Teacher, we want to make sure that you're able to successfully launch your first profitable online course. So we're making you a promise.

If within the first 30-days you decide that the program's not right for you, we'll give you a full 100% refund, no questions asked. Frankly, if you're not going to succeed, we don't want your money.

If you take a chance on us, we'll take a chance on you. We've put a TON of work into making this the #1 program on the planet. All we ask is that you put in the work too.

Do you have any questions?

We also want you to have all of the information about the program that you need. So we put together a detailed, honest FAQ section for you.

You can find the answers to pretty much any question you'll have on our FAQ page. But if it's not there, just shoot an email to events@teachable.com. We're real people here.

If you're almost ready to go, but just need some encouragement, here's what some of our other instructors had to say...

"We've generated $560,000 from our first two course launches on Teachable. It was important to us that our courses would look beautiful and that it would be easy to use. If you're focused on business, revenue and supplying a good product for your students...Teachable is a platform that's seamless."

- James Batch

"I set up my courses and the rest is history. I quickly went from creating small, inexpensive courses to creating large courses that resulted in 5-figure income months. This is the perfect solution for service-based entrepreneurs who really want to scale their business. It doesn't matter your niche or field, I recommend the guys over at Teachable."

- Julie Stoian

"If you're on the fence at all, I urge you (urge you!) to use Teachable for your online academy or school. From the get-go, what was obvious to me was the passion that these guys had for helping me, and you, and everyone else offer the absolute best experience for their students."

- Ginette Tessier

"I think the greatest benefit, above and beyond the fact that I'm able to reach people all over the world - is that my course generates passive income, which I really need as I grow my business, my reputation and my clout. I launched my first course on March 1st. Today is March 11th and I've already made $8,000 in revenue, and I'm sure that number's going to grow."

- CS Lakin

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